Vaasu film is the story of the gangster persons. In this everyone planned to get the seat of the Don who is controlling the city.


This VAASU Story tells about the Power of "KARMA"

The story is suspense thriller movie, Young Man Rajan was looking for a chance in acting faces a sudden unexpected incident, after the incident he faces a problem and how he overcomes from the problem and whether he achieves his ambition or not

"Law of human animals at Unknown Night"

Unknown Night Short film tells about the travel of the people those who are connected each other in one point at one fine night. This Film shows the Law of human nature with various reactions in different situations in the Unknown night . We Create this Experimental short film as Suspense thriller. Do watch , Support and give your valuable feedback below friends, Thank you.


Tag line: "Everything is connected in life. The point is to Know it and to understand it"